Help Mary Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Hi my name is Mary I am a hairstylist now for 20 years I’ve been in the hair styling industry we do not get dental insurance or medical insurance I have a 13 year old son and his expenses can get pretty big I haven’t receive child support for him ever ..his dad is not in this life I’ve been a single mom and just working hard and making sure he has what he needs therefore every time I try to save money I couldn’t I had to pay our rent we were evicted from my apartment almost 2 years ago now for lack of payment because they raised the rent as you may know hairstylist we get paid on what we do and if a client doesn’t come in that means I don’t get paid so it’s been a struggle for years and it finally started to take a toll on my teeth as you can see in the pictures I have several missing teeth and broken teeth my smile is part of my work I have built quite a few clients over the years. I have lots of little ones who’s hair I cut ✂and they depend on Miss Mary to smile so I’ve been learning the last three years to cover my smile or just smile and not show my teeth it’s been very hard I saw this on you tube o one day and I. Was do excited to hear about this option ..just wish I could afford it .. even with the discount price that you have I’m still not been able to save the money and with a 13 year old growing boy and having to pay for everything myself groceries rent and everything we’ve been living in a hotel now for almost 2 years as you know that’s weekly paid so it’s very expensive not being able to get another place because of the eviction been on my credit it has been hard but they said after 3 years evictions can be forgiven and I’ll be able to get another place but right now I really need my teeth done I have not been able to save enough money to get them because every week I have to pay rent at the hotel it is over $200 a week it’s been very hard like I said I would give anything to be able to smile for my kids at work again and especially for my handsome son he’s such a good boy he just wants to see mommy smile again . My confidence is way low I just don’t feel like myself at, all . I absolutley love what I do. I love seeing the smile that I put on the kids faces and their parents faces I just wish I could give them big toothy grin back thank you so much for your time whichever way it turns out I’m grateful for you giving me the opportunity to share my story with you I’ve seen great reviews of you on YouTube from people and I’m very impressed with the work that you do for everybody .. thanks again Mary

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