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I am a 33 year old attractive female with one major problem – my teeth. Due to a combination of improper care and years of opiate abuse, the enamel wore off of my teeth and they have begun to fall out. I am missing two of my front teeth and it majorly affects my life. To the point that i do not want to leave my house. I have become a recluse; a shut in.
Before my drug addiction, I went to college and obtained my bachelor’s degree in accounting. Although I have several years of experience in my field, I am unable to find employment due to my terrible teeth. My self esteem is now nonexistent. I have a speech impediment because of the location of the missing teeth.
I am a strong woman who has overcome the disease of addiction, and I am in recovery. One of the biggest principles of AA is working with others to carry the message. I have a powerful story that I know could help others, but I am so insecure about my smile that I stay to myself.
I am currently unemployed, therefore, I do not have the financial resources to pay for your product. What you offer would be a totally life changing experience for someone like me. A smile makeover would allow me the opportunity to get a job. It would also give me the confidence I need to help others in recovery. Thank you for your consideration.

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