Help Lindsay Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My teeth have always been severely crooked and periodontal disease has made my lower teeth look devastating. I’ve always brushed and tried my best but growing up poor amidst abuse/neglect meant no dental care. I have never known what self-confidence feels like because my teeth cause so much negative attention. Currently my teeth are so bad my life feels bleak. I do my best and work full-time at a nursing home but only make min-wage and am always denied by Care Credit/lenders. I graduated from Cosmetology school but my salon dreams are belittled due to a foul appearance.
I desperately want to start a family as I’m getting older. To worsen matters in May 2015 my lover Andrew Quirion died in his sleep. I’m left devastated and without confidence to put myself out there in hopes of meeting someone. Since meeting Andrew my teeth have gone from bad to gut wrenching.
This contest would 100% change my life. I’m like a prisoner in my own body. I want to succeed, not only for myself but for Andrew. He would be excited that there’s hope. Even the cheapest options available are Godsends whereas currently I have none. I desperately want to feel normal and not own a deformed mouth. I always feel judged as low-class and low-intelligence. My smile holds me back socially, economically and personally. I hope whoever wins considers this a once in a lifetime opportunity, as I would be forever grateful.

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