Help Ian Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Dear Brighter Image Lab ‘Smile Giveaway’

Up until the end of the last millennium I was trapped in a violent relationship that injured me in many ways, both mentally and physically. Time has healed the former after many years of treatment and a wonderful new relationship with an understanding man who I am now fortunate enough to be married to. The physical scars are harder to manage, especially my teeth. Marks on my body can be hidden but not being able to go out without opening my mouth can be difficult at best and eating out is something that we only dream of, as I am so self conscious.

I am at present feeling much more positive about my life and have recently been encouraged to pursue an old interest – writing! This has now developed into my working on a documentary about myself and my past 30 years of living with HIV, depression and domestic abuse. Covering the that struggles I have overcome and to give a glimmer of hope to others in my situation.

This is where I could do with your help. I have people in place that I need to talk to and interview for the project and ready to record a short video to send out to prospective funding bodies, who have expressed an interest, to complete the full film. Unfortunately my lack confidence in my appearance is making this more and more unlikely. Despite having the encouragement of my nearest and dearest and having worked tirelessly trying to make this idea come to fruition, it will all be for nothing and fail unless I can do something to improve the way that I look.

I know you appreciate how bad teeth affect people and your patient stories highlight how I feel and would like to feel about myself afterwards. I want that confidence to be able to walk down the street, go out socializing and most importantly make this documentary and then hopefully being able to afford to visit a dentist, which is prohibitively expensive for us at the moment as my partner was made redundant last year and I am still on benefits due to my depression.

I am more than happy to be used in promotional material and as I noted in an email I sent to you, to mention you in any future material in relation to the documentary. (Which will be available in the UK, USA/Canada. In both the gay and straight communities)

You would help me complete the rebuilding of my life. It’s a dream. A dream that you could turn into a reality. If chosen, you would change my life forever and I would, somehow in the future repay that generosity.

Yours hopefully and sincerely,


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