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I had a massive aneurysm/stroke 19 years ago. I laid there for 4 days, comatose, before someone found me. I have been everywhere for help. Aphasia was my downfall! At first, I could not speak correctly. Previously, I was a graphic designer,
traveling the USA, with clients like Disney, Ferrari, Foreign Cars Italia, and such.
Now, I have nothing. Well, 19 years, the money just drifted away. My aphasia finally stopped! Hallelujah!! Now I can speak normally. I have always been a happy soul, it’s in my nature, even when the aneurysm/stroke almost got me. If you could please help me with a happy smile, words cannot describe how I would feel. Happy beyond reason! So many doctors, so many dentists, Medicare/Medicaid, I guess I’m through with all that, I just NEED a new smile! Thank you. Debbe

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