Help Rebecca Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Hey there brighter image lab,
My name is Rebecca, I'm 23 years old and I'm thinking you are the answer to a life changing experience that I seriously need. So here's my dental history. When I was little I had some X-rays done for a simple cleaning and they noticed something funny about them. They told my parent I have hypodontia meaning I was born without several adult teeth so when my baby teeth fell out there would be no teeth to replace them. Over the years those baby teeth have naturally fallen out and I have been left with missing teeth. You can't tell by the photos and unfortunately it won't let you upload more than one but I am missing all four of my first molars and I still have two baby teeth I have been holding on to. The embarrassment of having ugly, missed shaped, missing teeth has been so painful for my confidence and physically. I can only chew on one side due to the gums exposed. I have had these teeth missing since I was ten so the gum has eroded quite a bit so when I chew it can be very painful and it makes my gums raw. The huge gaps in my smile make me look like a hockey player and it makes me never want to show my teeth. It was almost impossible to find a picture showing my teeth because I just don't. If you chose me for a new smile not only would I be extremely greatful but I would have to show my gratitude by paying it forward in as many ways as I can with the new smile you grant me but also by reaching out to my 8 thousand followers on Twitter & 40k readers that I can reach & tell them about the great gift of a new smile & how they could obtain one. I recently reached out to the show the doctors and asked them about helping me to achieve this same thing, a new smile. They read my emails and the producer contacted me say she would liked my story and would like to consider it. I would honestly love to email her back and tell her "give a smile to someone else because I have one". That would be so amazing & rewarding.
I hope you chose my story because I have researched my options for years and I feel as though this is the very best one. If I could afford it i would do it this very second but I'm a college student who can barely afford my car payment.
Hope you choose me, thank so much for reading!!

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