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Not long after high school my Dad helped me get a little car to get back and forth to work. I had my car for 2 weeks and a driver cut me off the road causing me to land into a ditch. I totaled my car , broke both legs, broke 1 ankle, split forehead, brain damage and my nervous system was damaged for a while. After I was conscious again after 4 days, I felt all types of particles in my mouth (they were chipped teeth) I cried and cried and cried. I was in a wheelchair for 1 year and lame for 3 years due to the time it took my femurs to heal. Having my teeth fixed was very difficult, insurance did not pay for them and because I couldn’t work medicaid did a horrible job fixing my teeth so my teeth continued to fall apart. There has been so much stress on my body from pain and consistent financial worrying, I ended up having a heart attack in July this year 2015. The visits to the Cardiologist are extremely expensive and again I must put my teeth to the side until my heart heals… 🙁 . I’ve been in and out of the dentist for years and my teeth are still damaged severely. I am 43 years old now with 3 children, I make their teeth my 1st priority and take care of my teeth when I can, but the Dentist says there is not much they can do for a reasonable price. However, at this point I can’t afford a mouth full of falsies but I’ve always wanted the Veneers. I’m not allowed to work at this point due to my heart disease, and I am still waiting to see if I am approved for disability. Having a beautiful smile would really make me so happy, I have a lot of patch, temporary work due to cost. Thanks to whomever reads my story. These are facts, and believe me I left things out. I’ve been in and out of school, I do have some college and plan on returning January 4th 2016 @ AIU for Accounting.

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