Help Kandace Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Well my smile hasn’t always been this bad til recently. My mom took us to the dentist frequently and did everything she could to get us a great smile. I had my jaw broken about 10 years ago and it seems like my teeth started to deteriorate since then. They are very fragile and sensitive. I can hardly eat anything because I’m afraid they will crack or even fall out. I’ve been to a dentist that told me I needed full restoration which I was afraid of. I’m always being told I’m pretty or have a nice smile but I can’t believe it fully because I know my teeth are rotten. I just want to be able to smile fully and be happy about it. I know this would change my confidence level and give me a better outlook on life. I just seen all the lives you guys have changed with this wonderful invention. I can’t wait to have my story heard next! Thanks for the opportunity.

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