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I used to smile all of the time. I used to laugh and be proud of my teeth. In the last year that has all changed. I have had one tooth pulled and have had numerous issues with other teeth including discoloration and shifting. In June I was diagnosed with MS. This gave me another reason not to smile.   I have to travel 3 hours from my home to see a doctor for my MS. With the travel expenses, Dr visits, copays, etc, my family is now even more financially strapped than before. Having a beautiful smile is only a dream to me. I am dealing with the MS okay but it would be wonderful to answer the “how are you doing” questions with a big smile and “I’m GREAT”. I’m tired of hanging my head. I want to be strong and fight this disease. I want to hold my head up high and take on the challenges I face. Confidence is something I lack and I believe that a beautiful smile would go a long way in achieving my goals.

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