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Hi I’m a wife of 16 years, a mother of 4 and a new student. I grew up in a low income home with my drug addict mom. The very first time I saw the dentist I was 19 years old and getting a tooth removed. My teeth have never been very nice. I’m not sure I even owned a tooth brush as a child. I was feed sugar food and kool-aid, all rotting my teeth. My husband knows how much teeth mean to me. Has has been the sole provider for our house for 16 years. His hard work has gotten me the teeth I have now. I don’t like them but they are a bit better then before. I wish for  permanent veneers one day. I  recently started school so I could get a career and get a nice job. With my two oldest daughters starting high school and jr high the cost for our family has gone up. Kids are expensive. I want to help take some of the stress away from my hubby and help. So school is right for me. I have worked very hard all my life to get past my childhood and to make a wonderful childhood for my kids. I  recently got my GED this year so I can attend college it was an amazing goal. I’m 34 and going to college for the first time. I am working for a goal of becoming phlebotomist. I will have to work with the public.  An array of people who will need to see a beautiful smile, one that I just don’t have but I desire.  I want to greet people with a smile to be able to talk openly.  It’s strange how having ugly teeth can take a way so much confidence.  I  really need a smile so I can show how proud I am of how far I have come. When I found out that they have snap on veneers is was so excited, I think I have watched over a hundred clips of people changing there smiles with them. I want this, I need this. The cost is still too high for me to afford at this time in my life. But if I could pay less at a time maybe I could have it. If I could some how just get a new smile before I finish school I could get a great job. I know that having a new smile would give me a joy in my life, and a confidence I have never been able to have. I do not want to continue life hiding my joy and smile from the world. I hardly smile now in fear of others seeing my teeth. Thank you for your time in reading my story.
Sincerely, LeAnne White

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