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My name is Pauline and I am 27. I was born in Poland and after a couple of ear infections at age 2-3, my story with teeth began. I had been prescribed very strong antibiotics for the ear infections, and they made my teeth turn almost brown and brake apart for no clear reason. My parents were terrified, as they had no money for private treatment. I have been dentist’s patient since the age of 3. No pain killers. My teeth were poorly repaired every few months, and I was back at the dentist with all the previous fillings out and more new damage. This goes on until now.
I have been on my own since 19 years old. I had been working full time in Greece until 2014, got out of an abusive marriage, in which my teeth were never a priority. I though I can finally catch a break in the Netherlands but after one year of working here, I have injured my back, resulting in discopathy on two lumbar levels. I am waiting for a surgery and can barely move. All the money I managed to save here for my ‘New start – Smile makeover’ are gone for an expensive insurance, treatment, trip to Poland to get an MRI scan etc. Plus the prices for crowns and veneers are insane here. I can only afford the fillings, nothing cosmetic.

I am a very positive person. I talk a lot and smile a lot, but my teeth never get off my mind.  I dread opening my ‘old, dirty lady mouth’. I am so ashamed. I managed to get a bridge on 5 of my back teeth and its white, the contrast is just awful.

I am now in a healthy relationship. I want to smile and talk without people staring and making comments. I want to laugh my face of without turning my face or covering it with my hand. I have heard so many mean things, especially from the dentists, who said its all my fault. So unfair.

Now I want to use the time  I have to stay at home wisely, so I started making jewelry again. I lost my workshop in a divorce and I have to start from scratch. I think I have good ideas, and I am learning about creating a brand and online marketing. Its a wall for me though. As much as I am fine with the people I talk to daily, I dread posting anything of me online. Internet is unforgiving and if I post a video, it will be all about my teeth I am afraid.

I found your website, while desperately browsing, how can I make my own veneers. Insane.  You gave me new hope. If you cant fund me, I will eventually do it myself.

Thank you for your work. Thank you for the tears of joy, you brought me.

Warm greetings

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