Help Soni Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

When I was young my mom had braces put on me because my smile had a bunch of gaps. She took them off early because she did not feel like taking me to the appointments anymore. So middle and highschool I dealt with teasing and rude questions as to why it appears im missing teeth. I’d consider myself a pretty positive person but when someone makes fun of my teeth, I go to a very dark place. I dress up like popular characters and recently did a series of happy birthday videos for kids just to wish them a happy birthday dressed as their favorite character. I looked at my teeth as I was talking and my heart sank. I just know when I post these videos another round of hatred and mean comments will be posted. I honestly have heard rumors about myself where people think I have done drugs and so my teeth fell off. I just want to be able to smile and not think to myself, am I being judged? I want to smile at kids and not be afraid to freak them out.  I just moved very far from home and I don’t have the best job. I look at this site often and hope that I can make the Payment soon. I thought Id give this a try. If you pick me great if not I’ll continue to appreciate you guys for giving people a smile for such an affordable price and save for my own.

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