Help Tina Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I have been trying to get a new smile makeover the last 4 years, I have not been able to due to financial hardships. I work in customer service and having an attractive smile is very important for my job and to help me feel confident enough to change my life. I like to talk, smile and laugh a lot.  When a customer sees me I know how important a smile is to them. I hold back because I don’t want them to see my missing teeth and how bad I need a new smile makeover. It is very embarrassing to smile and I feel like horrible and want to feel better about myself and believe that an affordable smile makeover with would provide me with that confidence to be as out going and the happy person I am on the inside. In the end though I  am to ashamed to put myself out there due to my unattractive smile.






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