Help Tyrone Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I’m a school bus driver for a contract company, so I make very little money (about 16,000 annually) I have been trying to save a little bit of money so that I can get Affordable Snap on Veneers because of my  teeth but the saying is true for every time you take one step forward you feel like you are taking two steps back. I also do some acting on the side, just community theater stuff and I know that casting directors sometime skip me over because of my unattractive smile due to my horrible teeth. An Affordable Snap on Veneers would help them realize the talent I truly have.  Sometimes the kids on my bus aren’t so nice either, but I know it’s not because they are trying  to be mean, they just don’t know or have never been taught some people just have horrible teeth. I live alone and sometimes I try to go out but I get really self conscious if things start getting light hearted because I know if I start laughing my teeth will show or when and if I laugh I do it with my hand over my mouth. This is where Brighter Image Lab will come in handy with Affordable Snap on Veneers.  I believe that if I get Affordable Snap on Veneers I’ll get back some of the confidence that I used to have. Maybe be able to attend more auditions other than the ones at the college, and even go out with the cast when I get a part. Over all I think the change would be great and I hope that you pick me for a new smile with a set of Affordable Snap on Veneers







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