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My name is Alyce and I am 27 years old from Victoria, Australia.
I have grown up my whole life a very shy person and not had any confidence to speak to people because of my crooked teeth. About 9 years ago my parents put two veneers on my teeth (the teeth on either side of my two front teeth) to try to disguise the fact they were so crooked, which was the cheapest dental veneer option as they couldn’t afford braces due to the cost of our local orthodontist in Victoria. Now that I am 27 I feel like I have left it too late and will be too embarrassed to get braces. One day I wish to afford Invisalign braces  in the future but I think my teeth are too crooked for invisalign and the cost for Invisalign is so high. My teeth have shifted  so much over the past 9 years and look more crooked than ever even with my veneers on two teeth. I don’t want people to think I am always being so rude by not smiling back at them when really I am just not smiling because of my crooked teeth. I posted the full face photo on my facebook account which took a lot of effort because i have never posted a photo of my teeth and some people actually pointed out my crowded teeth. Its embarrassing. People are sometimes rude and say “you know they have payment plans for braces right?” Yes I know that but a 27 year old with braces is an even bigger confidence killer and I am paying off other important bills now.
Having temporary veneers would really complete me. Its been 27 years of feeling like I look horrible and bogan because of my really bad teeth, it would mean the world to me to have temporary removable veneers! Words can’t even explain the absolute happiness this could bring me! 🙂

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