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My smile has never been what anyone would call a "perfect" smile; the top row of my teeth is bad because I have a crooked front tooth, and the bottom row-- actually, both rows-- have always been kind of an off-white, rather than the white that I would have liked them to be, and rather than being a solid color, they're all kind of a range of multi-colored off-whites. As I am an African-American woman, it has always been my dream to get my teeth veneered and have a gleaming set of pearly white teeth that contrasted with my skin color; however, that is not what nature decided to bless me with and dental veneer prices are way to high; I have an older sister who has a set of perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth, perfect smiles-- as a matter of fact,*everything* about her is perfect, and she tends to pride herself in this, as she is somewhat of a perfectionist. While I have no intention of becoming a perfectionist like my older sister, I would at least like a nice set of white teeth to contrast with my skin color, rather than the off-white beige set of teeth that I have right now. I get the feeling that if I had cosmetic dentist veneers, I might also succeed in finding a guy with whom to have a relationship-- that's how my younger brother succeeded in finding his wife, through a combination of personality and looks. I would like to find a similar sort of relationship with a guy in my life, and I think that Brighter Image Press On Veneers might help me along that path with *someone*. The snap on smile cost held me back, and I cannot afford to get my teeth veneered. Since there's no such things as cheap cosmetic dentistry I am hoping for a smile makeover that can give me beautiful  instant smile.

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