Help Janice Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I have stopped smiling with an open mouth because of the embarrassment I feel about my crooked teeth.  I would be a great candidate for Press on veneers.  I also would have no problem doing a photo shoot showing how Before and After veneers fixed my crooked teeth. I was once a viable model and I am sure now  I get no work due to my crooked teeth.  I babysat a boy once and he said I have fangs because of my crooked teeth.  It broke my heart.  Veneers like these would change my life and allow the world to see me as I see myself .  I would feel so much better about myself not having to look into the mirror and see a mouthful of crooked teeth.  I have recently gone back to college to get my degree to teach and I know that I would feel much more confident teaching the future of America without so many crooked teeth.


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