Help Jocelyn Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I was a regular happy child growing up until my permanent teeth came in and that’s when the nightmare began…I wasn’t even aware of how distorted my teeth were until I was made fun of threw grade school. That once happy out spoken ,creative and expressive child became quiet and started failing school… Although I didn’t fail anymore Junior High through High school I became very quiet, kept to myself and made very few friends. During the last Year of High school my Mother saw how much this was bothering me and used her savings from working all Summer long to get the top role of my teeth fixed. I was happy and more than appreciative but after having braces and my teeth started to shift back it became u slightly and embarrassing. The enamel in my teeth never developed on my top teeth and a few on the bottom . I try to smile and be happy but I’m not…. I feel very sad and hopeless and unfortunately I cannot afford veneers at this time. If I were blessed enough to be chosen to receive a free pair of press on veneers words cold N I T describe my excitement and gratitude!!! I would feel like a brand new woman with at a brand new chance at life. Every day I’m fearful that my veneers that I do have will wear off. They’re suppose to last for ONLY 5  Years it’s been 11 already and one has broken off and some are worn out…I’m terrified they will reveal  what’s underneath  🙁

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