Help Randy Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I have never had the beautiful and pearly white teeth. I was raised by a single mother along with two other siblings. She worked 2 or sometimes 3 jobs to provide for us. I needed braces for my teeth when I was younger but was never able to get them. I went to the local orthodontist in Kentucky to find out about braces even though I had no dental insurance. I ended up finally getting braces to fix crooked teeth at the age of 18. At that time I had to pay everything on my own. Which I had until I was 21. Even after paying for braces I still had problems. I was told I needed a dental veneers procedure if  I wanted a perfect smile. I already had teeth stained from many reasons. Lack of Dental care is one of the primary reasons for the stained teeth. I also have no dental Insurance. Along with not having the Finances to be able to afford to go to regular visits at the dental office. My eating and drinking habits, and etc have left me with really bad teeth. I am now a Medical Asst at a Doctor's office. I should smile a lot both for my job and myself. However I don't because of how people are so quick to judge me or anyone with crooked teeth and chipped teeth. I would love to be given the chance to receive a new set of these and smile every minute of every day. I unfortunately don't have dental benefits where I work,and am barely getting by on what I even make. I looked at veneers costs and its just to expensive. Will you PLEASE PLEASE take me into consideration in receiving a set of cosmetic teeth covers  from Brighter Image Lab to improve my smile and my life in everyway?? You don't know how much happier I would be to be able to smile with online veneers and have the confidence and not be embarrased.

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