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Gosh,where to start? I am in my early 50s,which would be hard for most women,but add what's going on in my world,my teeth being so bad is like the nail in the coffin. I've always been someone who's stayed to myself due to a birth defect on my left hand.Dealing with this growing up destroyed my self esteem,what I had. My home life was so terrible,I ate to deal with the pain.My first dental appointment-i had to ask my mom for a toothbrush at 10 years old,she didn't think kids needed to brush their teeth-i was so frightened of men,I refused to open my mouth,and the dentist picked me up and shook me-in front of my mother-she said nothing-so I didn't go back to a dentist again of my own accord again,even as an adult due to dental anxiety.I sort of grew out of a lot of things as I got older.I became tall and thin,blonde,for about 5 minutes.But I always had crooked teeth, crooked and not too white in my early 20s,so even at my best,I never smiled.Now in my early 50s,I find myself alone and on dissability.I was still doing OK and then life happened,and I watched my father die of blood clots,my sister of cancer,within 4 years of each other.Having had no children,it was just my mother and me,my only family.In 2012 my mom suffered a series of strokes.I spend my days caring for her.My depression has over the last few years increase as these terrible things came upon me,as everyone must endure eventually.The one thing,I told myself,that would make me feel so much better,would be able to look in the mirror and smile and see myself for the first time looking like I see everyone now,with beautiful white smiles.I still look good for my age.But with my teeth now having gap teeth in  my two front teeth, and missing a tooth from the side,I don't even bother to wear make up anymore,or color my hair.I figure,why? If I smile,it would just not look right.I rarely go anywhere.I think if I had a pretty smile I would feel better about myself,and not be so depressed.Before I knew you sold veneers online I bought a smile package,you boil this plastic fake teeth cover and put it in your mouth over the teeth and press,needless to say they looked terrible and felt worse.I can't afford any dental implants or dental partials,and I don't need them pulled,they're not in terrible shape,just hidden.Take as long as needed tomake a decision,iI'll have no more money in a few months than I do now, Lab Direct Press On Veneers is my only hope to ever have a nice smile ever in my life.If you can help me God bless you all.Thank you for considering me.

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