Help Nichole Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My name is Nichole. I am 29 years old and I wanted to share with you my story about my teeth. I was born with 6 of my adult teeth missing. So because of this I still have baby teeth inview as my smile. It also caused teeth to shift and go in a different spot so I have my k9’s next to my 2 front teeth and another baby set of k9’s next to my adult k9’s which grew in as crooked teeth. I have two chipped teeth in front a little and a chip on teeth on the bottoms as well. Growing up in school kids called me vampire girl and it didn’t make me feel too good. On top of always having a struggle with my weight they would make a joke that I was a fat vampire girl and tons more saying along that line. I missing teeth where my two broken teeth had to be removed because of teeth broken at the gum line. So I have gaps they aren’t seen as much as my the gaps in front teeth but I have always felt insecure about my smile. I was promised by a family member that if I had become a high honoral student that she would buy me Clip-On dental veneers or something like the snap smile along that line to fix my smile but the promise were broken. To this day I have always been self contious about my broken teeth and could never afford the cost of dental veneers to get my teeth fixed. I would have to have dental implants to and there is no way that I can afford the cost for dental implants. I looked online for an alternative to dental veneers and was so excited to find you company. I am working to be able to afford a smile makeover and know any help you can give me to get no dental veneers would be so appreciated. I would love to be able to snap and smile with new dental veneers. Thanks in Advance!

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