Help Luana Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Aloha my story pretty much goes like this for many years I could never afford to go to the dentist as a child, and now raising my special needs daughter by myself life has been terribly hard. I got raped from my ex-boyfriend at the time and thats how I ended up pregnant with my daughter. Years later I met a wonderful man who I now call my husband but smiling is an issue due to I have somemissing teeth and dont feel pretty at all. My hisband was in a terrible car accident in 2002 and lost a limb and now we are barely getting by and yet we are still trying to save some money to purchase my husband a new prostethic leg  due to medical insurance doesn’t fully cover it. I am telling my story for a new smile due to all the issues I have overcome in life such as domestic violence and still till today I still suffer from all the affects of PTSD. I would love to win this and feel pretty again and be able to smile on my new vow renewal in my near future. So if I ever have a chance at winning just by telling my story I would love to try and feel pretty again and start being able to get out of my severe depression that I have been suffing from and look forward to the future. Please pick me I really think I deserve this makeover.

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