Help Melissa Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I have never felt confident because of my teeth and how I look when I smile.  I am a business owner in the beauty industry and I don’t feel beautiful I know Cosmetic Teeth Covers will help my confidence and allow me to smile again. I have 5 missing teeth due to abscessed teeth I have had for years and I am afraid that one day I won’t have any left and be forced to wear dentures . Cosmetic Teeth Covers will help me want to maintain the existing teeth I have and remind me a smile lasts a lifetime.  My children ask me all the time, Why do you always look so sad in all of our pictures? Then I have to tell them the truth. That mommy doesn’t like her missing teeth and that I want to smile but I am embarrassed and getting Cosmetic Teeth Covers will fix this issue for both my sake and my children’s . I want to show my clients and my children what a happy person I really am and with the help of Brighter Image Lab  I feel I would be able to do that  with the Cosmetic Teeth Covers.








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