Help Yesenia Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My story begins in my early teen years when my family found out how much braces cost versus cosmetic teeth covers.  At around the age of 15 I was told I needed braces but unfortunately my parents could not be counted on with the financial support I needed in order to obtain the braces so now I am looking for cosmetic teeth covers to cover my teeth .  Instead they took me to a new dentist which said I didn’t need braces, going there was the biggest mistake ever! Unfortunately we always moved from dentist to dentist in search of better pricing or financing opportunities in order to get any exams or cleanings done. What this new dentist did was grind some of my teeth to give the illusion of them being straight.  One of my front teeth overlaps the other slightly and now I’m stuck with a tooth that is longer than the other because of the poor decision this dentist along with my parents made and can use Cosmetic Teeth Covers to cover this issue. I don’t understand how even after seeing me bite down he thought I didn’t need braces. As it is I have always been embarrassed to smile or show my teeth and now it is even worse after seeing that dentist, an opportunity for cosmetic teeth covers like this would be a godsend to me. As I do not count on ever being able to come up with the money to buy cosmetic teeth covers. Now all I can do is just dream and envision a beautiful smile with cosmetic teeth covers from Brighter Image Lab . Thanks for the time and the consideration of a new smile with cosmetic teeth covers from your company.




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