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I was fixing my water pump when a very large wrench hit me in the face and left me missing teeth, which now has me looking up the Cost of Veneers for Missing Teeth. I had a very large wrench around the faucet part of the pump – it wouldn’t budge, so I sat on the ground braced my feet against the pump footing and put both hands onto the wrench and pulled with all my might. When the wrench suddenly gave the hit me in the face and mouth leaving me missing teeth and looking into the  Cost of Veneers for Missing Teeth. I have so many missing teeth in the front and I am ashamed to smile or talk to people without covering my mouth. As I am on a fixed income I could not and still cannot afford to fix this mess so even doing research on the Cost of Veneers for Missing Teeth makes me sad wondering one day If I will every be able to afford veneers.  I went from being an outgoing friendly always entertaining friends to a total hermit.  I am so self conscious because of my missing teeth.  You cannot tell everyone what happened and expect them to understand or even believe you.  I rescue and transport animals as they don’t judge or look at me like most people do, but I keep to myself now and would love to have a new smile makeover to replace the missing teeth I have .







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