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My name is Stephanie. I must say I am a little afraid of posting  pictures of my Crooked Front Teeth on here. I am ashamed of my smile and have been since I was just a kid due to my Crooked Front Teeth. Growing up was very hard as my parents could only afford to put a roof over my head clothes on my back and food in my mouth and was not to worried about my Crooked Front Teeth. So going to a dentist was never a option as we couldn’t afford it. As I turned a teen I was raped by a man and now have a child as the product from this rape because of this I fell into a deep depression and didn’t take care of my self any more this did not help the situation with my Crooked Front Teeth. I started drinking, not eating healthy and I also started smoking then it all came crashing down on me. I mean, do yall know how hard is was to have a child at 14 only to turn around and have another at 17? As I got older I got more wiser and tried to do the best I can to raise my children with values and morals. I continued to let myself go to provide and make sure their needs were met over fixing my Crooked Front Teeth. So now I have another baby who is only 3 months old. When I go back through our albums I see everyone with there white teeth and me with periodontal disease, many stains and some missing teeth and my Crooked Front Teeth wishing I could smile beautifully like everyone else in our  photos. After taking family photos with my husband and our 3 kids, I broke down in depression once again because I feel miserable and so ugly. I feel like everyone looks at me and says “gross” because all they focus on is my Crooked Front Teeth. To be able to have a beautiful smile again would be a blessing and just heaven sent. It really is hard being depressed everyday because I can’t afford a dentist to fix my Crooked Front Teeth. This is so hard on myself and sometimes hard on my family to see me like this but when your poor and try to make sure everyone else is okay I guess that’s what happens and it ends up taking its toll in different ways.

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