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I was in a car accident at age 16 and my life changed forever. The accident cracked two front teeth and I could not afford the cost of dental work to have the missing teeth repaired with dental implants, the domino affect happened. First my teeth became infected. I could not afford to go to the dentist in Wilmington to have him look at it. It got worse from there.  After a while my teeth fell out one after the other. All of the teeth the were injured in the wreck ended up just falling out anyways.

Then I went to a dentist who pulled the wrong teeth that landed me in the ER and he no longer is in business . It created a fear in me of the dentist since I am now missing teeth that never should have been pulled I am afraid to go in to even have a local dentist look at my teeth for snap veneers. Even tho I know that porcelain veneers or a snap on smile would cover it, I don’t want the worry and fear and pain of going in again to the dentist since he messed them up so bad last time. Do now at 30 I have missing side teeth on the upper right, missing two back teeth on the upper left and a missing tooth on each side in the lower back. Also a have a missing front tooth.

It’s awful~ one time in my late teenage years I attended a modeling event, they were interested until I smiled. A guy once told me another guy liked me but couldn’t get past looking at my bad teeth. I have contemplated suicide but then I became a mother of one. I’m glad I found out I was pregnant before I gave up completely on life.

I’m a talented woman stuck in my own cave due to my issue of not being able to smile. I’m not sure what to do, keep searching for ways to fix this or just continue to exist instead of living. God bless, and I know the chances of you reading this is slim to none. Thank you for allowing me to vent anyways.

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