Help Max Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Growing up I always had bad teeth because my mother neglected me, by the time I was 5 years old my teeth were so bad I was embarrassed but never the less thats what I had to deal with I was 5 years old what could I do. By the time I was 15 years old I visited a dentist but it was the worst experience I ever had in my life, I remember sitting in the dentist chair and he opened my mouth and commented wow this is horrible, I have never seen anything like this, For a teenager it was embarrassing to the point that when the dentist gave me an appointment to return after removing a few teeth I never went back, My teeth got so bad eating was a task that I would wish I didn’t have to do, I recently visited a dentist at the age of 43 and he looked in my mouth and instantly removed 13 teeth basically what little I had, I don’t even want to smile anymore and so I try not to or I cover my mouth from embarrassment. I now only have fronts and nothing to chew my food with. Sometime as of late I wish that I wasn’t here anymore but thats just a thought that I don’t share with anyone, honestly I feel a shamed!!! Well even if I am not selected its fine I thank God that you guys are doing some awesome work and he has given you guys such awesome idea to help people like my self… I can’t afford the process at this time but just to know that you guys are out there making changes in people lives gives me a sense of hope. Keep up the great work and I thank God for you!

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