Help Natasha Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Dear Brighter Image Lab,

When I was just 11, I fell down on a concrete block and hit my upper arch so hard, that teeth fell out. It took few years before I first went to dentist and at that time, in poor country like mine, they pulled out one more tooth thinking that it is dead and it was not. All I got was apology from dentist, saying “sorry, i have taken out your healthy tooth…” They never tried to fix my smile and I have always suffered for not being able to smile as much as I wanted without everyone looking into my upper arch. I am a grown up woman now, I work on the cruise ship as a manager and in spite all great things I have achieved, I never stopped thinking how beautiful my smile could be if only I have not lost my faith in dentists…
Thank you for this opportunity.  I think that you have great product.
Even if I will not be eligible, I will still order my upper arch from you as soon as I get back on the ship, as I spend most of my time living on one. I believe that this will be a great solution for me.

Kindest regards,
Natasha Dordevic

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