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Hello I’m tara, I am 35 years old. And I was raised by my single mother. I am the youngest of three.  Although it was really tough for my mom to keep food on the table, she took care of us the best way she could. As growing up my mom was hardly home because of work. So me being the youngest I never had any adult supervision. And I started hang out with the wrong type of people. My mom never had enough money to take me to a dentist as a child. So when my wisdom teeth started to come in I started taking drugs, so I wouldn’t feel the pain.  You can imagine not going to the dentist and  what certain drugs can do to your teeth. Needless to say things got out of control. As of now I am 35 years old and my clean date is July 2 2010. I now have a little over 5 years clean. I’m currently employed by Starbucks. And although I have health insurance and dental insurance. I don’t  make enough money to pay for dentures and pay my bills. I have rebuilt my life completely this is the only thing holding me back from having a normal life. I have learned to deal with people who look at me differently because of my teeth. I can’t even have a normal romantic relationship with someone unless they know me and get to know me first. I scare kids aways and it took years for my niece and nephew to warm up to me. So I please begg for you help… thank you for even an opportunity to write this.

Sincerely Tara Pedraza

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