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Hello my name is Terrance and I recently turned 33. When we were 12, I lost my first best friend, my little cousin Adrian. He was struck by a train on his way to summer school. I was devastated, confused and depressed for years. Although I’d love to love to blame his death, I simply can’t. Being older and a little wiser I take full responsibility. I stopped taking care of myself. I tried a variety of drugs from marijuana to cocaine to meth. Anything to numb the pain. I had no reason to smile so I didn’t. My, how I wish I could turn back the hands of time.  Here I am 33 with my whole life ahead of me and I can’t smile. Although embarrassing, it has made me stronger and wiser and that I wouldn’t change. I’m just tired of crying and hiding my smile. I just want to smile and get back to ME.  I know he would’ve never wanted me to do this to myself, but I couldn’t wrap my brain around it then. I’m ready now, thanks for even considering me!

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