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My story started about 4 years ago… I started having really bad acid reflux.  I was treated about a year before they diagnosed me with an Hiatal Hernia due to Gerd. I had surgery in May 2012 to repair the hernia and as of today I’m still not able to eat and my teeth are decaying rapidly due to the acid that my body is producing.  Even if my smile is not as big and bright my heart still shines light of the Lord because I’m blessed to be alive.  I now have extreme nerve damage in my Esophagus that I’m taking medicine to try and relieve the feeling of coughing and vomiting after intaking food.  I juice all of my food and try to eat on the weekends due to the reactions that I have after eating I must work.  So if you God place it in your heart to help me I would be more than grateful. This is my story but God is my Glory.  I’m a mother of 3 grown children one whom I’m his caregive he’s 32 and has acute seizures. I’m married to my soul mate who had a major heartache 2 weeks before we were married and two years later he had prostate cancer. So you see we don’t take life for granted we live it to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised. I’m alive and blessed beyond measure. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help me and bless me with a beautiful smile on the outside. My heart smiles often from my light from above.

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