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My name is Scott and I’m writing this to say how embarrassing my smile is due to many missing Gapped teeth .  I have several Gaps and missing teeth and am looking toFix my Gapped Missing Teeth with a Press on Veneer. I also have major discolored teeth on the remaining ones and over the years I have had dentist visit after dentist visit, it seems that nothing is helping my smile. I’ve had several of my teeth with wide gaps over the years and I’ve tried many ways to whiten them and nothing seems to work. I just know a Press on Veneer is my answer.  It seems every time I fix or replace one of the missing teeth more become more gapped or one becomes gapped wider than the others. I work with the public in both law enforcement and as a school resource officer  not to mention also as a volunteer firefighter.  A person’s smile is the first thing you see and  unfortunately are judged for. I don’t smile a lot because of the discolored and missing and gapped teeth. I hate when I’m dealing with people and all I think about is are they looking at my gapped teeth . I feel it’s an embarrassment to my presence, especially when I have kids that look up to me because of my profession. I grew up with an alcoholic abusive step father and was never taken to the dentist that I can remember so I am sure this is the reason for  most of my  missing teeth.  It wasn’t until I was older that I took it upon myself to go to the dentist about the my discoloration and missing teeth but it was too late to fix most of the problems.  I also deal daily with an acne problem that is just as bad as my smile and it makes me very depressed. I find myself looking at everyone’s smile that I deal with and wish I could go back to a young age and start over. I know I can’t change my looks but hopefully I can fix the discolored and missing teeth with a Press on Veneer. I feel like this may be the only way possible  to get a smile worth smiling for, I know my self esteem would rise and I wouldn’t be afraid to smile or face people due to the fact I will not have missing or gapped teeth anymore. I can’t afford this at this time or in the near future will I  be able to have anything remotely done to my teeth that’s going  to help unless it’s full dentures (which I hope doesn’t happen) because I’m only 44. I just want to be able to smile!!!






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