Help jamie Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

hi my name is jamie, i was talking to jessica through the chat window trying to figure how how i could afford these veneers when she asked me if i had submitted a story.. i never knew about it until now.. so here’s my story…i been trying all kinds of ways to get my teeth fixed, i set up a gofundme but only received 15.00.. not no where near enough to start with. i sent it to every dentist on facebook and twitter with no luck.. 3 nights ago i wake up to get ready for work and im brushing my teeth and i realize my ( front ) tooth has cracked ( again)  all i could do was cry and cry, all night at work.. i work front desk at a hotel right outside of new orleans and my smile is my lively hood.. right now i cant smile.. right where my tooth has cracked it is turning black. i cannot eat anything hot or cold.. please guys im begging you for a chance in a lifetime.. i been praying but nothing happened yet!  however i will never lose my faith.. i sure hope you pick me to get a free new smile.. i would never stop smiling!!  this is holding me back,,, thank you for listening!! pick me  pick me pick me!!!    LOL

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