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I am a 54 year old female and has always had Gapped Front Teeth all of my life.  I grew up a very confident and adventurous person and didn’t let my Gapped Front Teeth stop me from smiling.  As I have gotten older, I am finding it harder and harder to smile because of my Gapped Front Teeth.  I have never had the financial means to fix my Gapped Front Teeth so I had to live with it.  Now at 54 everyone who approaches me feels that I am standoffish and evidently I do not appear approachable because I am never smiling due to my Gapped Front Teeth.  I  really am a  friendly person who loves to laugh and smile, but because of the condition of my Gapped Front Teeth I’ve lost the confidence I once had, I am afraid to talk to people because I know they will see my Gapped Front Teeth and judge me.  I don’t want/enjoy  going to a job interview because I don’t smile and come off  unfriendly.  I assumed that as I got older that this issue would be something I’d have to live or possibly just get over it but I have found your website and now have new hope to cover my Gapped Front Teeth with your Press on Veneers.  My family accepts me and loves as I am, but I could be so much more confident if I could just have a beautiful smile to show on the outside to reflect the beautiful person I am on the inside.


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