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At a young age my life was one life changing event after another. At 17 I was in a head on collision busted both femurs, right knee, left ankle. I have metal and screws from my hips now to my ankle. It took 2 years to fully walk again.

During this time my mom divorced my legal father and married his friend. I married my old store manager I had before my accident who is 13 years older than me. I attempted to finish high school but my husband introduced me to the drug speed instead. He and I were together 10 years. Married 5 and had two boys.

During this time I had 2 more car accidents re broke right knee in 1st and re broke left ankle in 2nd. Mind you I was only driving in my when I was 17. LOL. My drug use is out of control and now I’m a raging alcoholic.

I had my beautiful daughter out of wedlock her dad left pretty much the day I told him. So I married a man 10 years older so my daughter would have a father. Funny thing 2 ragging drug and alcohol addicts shouldn’t get married, that lasted 5 years.

I got myself clean up for about 3 days. My old school sweetheart came a knocking. We will call him Teddy. Well that man was into drugs like crazy. He loved giving me drugs than beat me, drugs, than a beating  I was so high I didn’t even remember half the beatings.

By now my mom was stepping in for my children. She wanted custody. Deep down I was thanking God but on the surface trying to convince courts that I never did a drug in my life! I lost. I lost my soul that day. 3 years my mom got my kids. I wasn’t allowed to even file for a new hearing for 3 years. I got phone calls and supervised visits for 3 years.

By this time my legs were giving me much pain from the arthritis and the way I was put back together my legs never moved correctly again. I was so bad the Dr.’s Only had 12 hours to put me back together. They did the best they could. I’m grateful for that.

My kids gone I am still using, I tried to end it more than once. I am praying God why do you still have me here? I should be dead please take me!! He didn’t. Instead Teddy got a job offer in Arizona. My family disowned me. I had never been alone so I went with him. The day we left was the last day I ever did speed!

We got a place. He started working.  I got a job driving city buses. No one knew about all my accidents there LOL. My drinking got worse. Working made my pain worse I started popping pain pills.

The beating from Teddy continues and I was still driving city buses while high. I was so lucky enough to be able to talk to my kids now and than. This went on for 3 years. Finally one night I got the beating of my life pretty much left for dead. Instead I was told by officer Cooper that this is my wake up call from God and if I didn’t embrace it next time I would die and be sent to Hell!

That relationship lasted 5 years. After healing I walked out of that hospital and never looked back at Teddy or a bottle.  Got on a plane went home got a job then called my family and asked for permission to see my kids. I got them back and found myself for a short time.

My second husband and I reconnected. His mom had dementia he and I remarried. I took care of her for 5 years she died in my arms in our living room. He and I divorced again. I went to work for the bus company in my town where I met the man God in tendered me to marry Daniel. We married! Being married we couldn’t work together so I became a caregiver. Cared for people in there homes for a couple of years.

My legs became so painful I was unable to continue to work. I’d been off pills for about a year and didn’t want to go down that road again so I just stayed home. A dear old family friend 82 year old Joe became sick. His kids wanted nothing to do with him so took him into our home to care for him. He lived for 10 months and died in my arms in our living room. During this time Joe and I wood playfully bark back and forth with each other. One night he said to me “when I’m gone I’m going to come back from the grave and haunt you”. Well he die and a month later I got sick. Everything Joe had I got.  CHF 3 different heart disease. Muscle disease of the heart, 2 others I still can’t  pronounce , Pulmonary hypertension  that’s high BP in the lungs. Dr says that is what’s going to kill me over my heart. Stage 2 kidney failure, right side neuropathy.

I went from no pills to 11 in one day now 17 daily. Daniel and I divorced that lasted 5 years. I got sick and very angry so mean and nasty that life was still throwing me under the bus. After all I’ve been through I couldn’t cope   Daniel couldn’t handle everything. That first year I gave depression a hole new name however I remain clean trying to dealing with all the Dr. New life style changes and God. I question God daily one why,why,why???? I’d sit back and look at all the trials I’ve gone through all the lessons I’ve learned and yet here I am still here one earth. I know without a doubt God has a purpose he on earth for me that I have not completed. I don’t know what that is and may never. All I know is Gods plan with me isn’t finished over time my angered settled I’ve learned to deal with my health.

Daniel and I remarried LOL 5 marriages. Can u believe I pick up the nick name of 5 times gal!!  That’s my story now to end I’m going to tie this together on why i need a new smile. My teeth have always been bad. During time time I took care of Joe he wasn’t to do something for me so I said having my teeth worked on would be a blessing. I went to the dentist did everything they said and my teeth got better along with a beautiful smile. When I got sick and started all the medications my teeth started to turn bad. Dr say it’s because of the medication and to deal. Fine I’ll deal. My teeth are now 3 different colors I’ve lost some and I’ve lost my smile. I need that back. Can you help me with that??  Thank you

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