Help Jamie Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I had braces at a young age and a gorgeous smile.  After years of not taking proper care of my teeth, they deteriorated.  I spent many years not smiling, ashamed of my teeth.  I started the process of restoring my teeth, after spending literally 10’s of thousands of dollars, I still have a lot of work to be done.  I can handle the extractions and bridges that need to still happen but it breaks my heart that not much can be done for the discoloration.  I’ve had work done over the last 10 or so years so most of my crowns are different colors.  I finally had enough work done to feel comfortable smiling in public and I am about to receive my cosmetology license and my smile is of the utmost importance.  I would love nothing more than to have a beautiful smile again.  I need to feel beautiful so I can be comfortable making others feel beautiful.  Thank you for the consideration.

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