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When I was a child and lost my two front teeth I. Was excited to get my adult teeth because they were the last two baby teeth to fall out. Unfortunately for me they NEVER came in.  I apparently was born with two sets of adult teeth in the front. I didn’t get to go to a dentist until I was about 13 where they removed one set in hopes that the other two would come in but it was too late. My adult teeth fused to the bone and would not move. I have had a hard life growing up without my two front teeth, always teased and made fun of, I never smiled as I child. I’m only 20 years old now and finally have accepted the way I look but I still catch myself never smiling or talking In a way where I don’t have to show my teeth. My smile has held me back a lot in life when it comes to meeting new people or taking pictures with friends. I have decided to not let my smile hold me back anymore and I hope you can help with this huge change I want to take in my life. Thank you

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