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I used to have a beautiful smile, but I am sure you hear that a lot. I desperately need back a smile but again, I am sure you hear that a lot too. What you haven’t heard is the emotional story about what has happened to me. You have heard how I gave my smile away, both literally and figuratively.
I taught first grade and loved my job, feverishly when I met a man. He was rough around the edges but I lived with him and wanted to help him. About six months into the relationship, things went wrong. Things went seriously wrong. He cheated and got a girl pregnant. After she had the baby, as I was packing to leave, the mom died. The long and short of it is that I could leave and the baby would be placed in a group home, as she is handicapped, or I could stay, leave my job to raise her, and be forgiving. Looking back, I refuse to say I am sorry for my choice, as I love her terribly and deeply. I stayed for three years in a relationship which was highly abusive and damaged but to leave him would have been to desert her and I couldn’t. I worked daycare jobs to feed us and support us. One day I came home to find infidelity in my house, again. Since the baby had just had surgery, I couldn’t put her down. He was angry I caught him and attacked me though she was still in my arms. He broke my nose, orbital bone, blackened both eyes and broke two of my teeth. I couldn’t protect my face because I was protecting her. I cried and bled and left. I was homeless for a month and when I did get a place, I still took care of her and while I had no legal rights, I helped her grandmom get custody. I then began to desperately hunt for a teaching job. I worked extra jobs to make it possible to get a special education license. I have applied and interviewed only to never be called again. As you know, it is a tough world out there, full of impunities and judgements. With every interview, I find it harder and harder to speak. I know I am not representing myself well. I live in a constant state of embarrassment and apology for my teeth. I am substituting to find a job, so I make very little money. I work hard but certainly have very little money.
I just want to smile again. I just want to laugh unabashedly. I want to feel the relaxation of gentle confidence. I want a job. I want to reach special needs populations, which is what I am passionate about.
I know it is a lot to ask, but I have no further opportunities and no choices. I would be glad to participate in your promotions and would certainly spread the word about your product. I have never asked for anything but I hope you will consider my story.

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