Help Jessica Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

wow where do I begin….this nightmare of mine
I just lost my job, I’m flat broke. My teeth are breaking constantly and I have no money for insurance. I barely have enough to eat. I hide this issue from all my loved ones and I’m completely embarrassed and constantly cry. I used to have gorgeous teeth, so beautiful that I had a few “fans” that were almost in awe of my teeth. I’ve been poor, turned 31 in July and just feel so ugly and insecure. I cannot afford the dentist, shoot I can’t afford anything barely. If I had a radiant smile, boy I’d smile constantly! I’d be so happy!!! It would turn my entire life around! I think its a blessing yall have this opportunity for the less fortunate, I really hope to get help so I can start living!!!!

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