Help Beckie Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I have always smiled with my mouth closed, I am very self conscious of my gummy smile and my gapped teeth. Which left me asking “How much are braces to fix gapped teeth?”  I lost my 2 baby eye teeth in my early 20’s and the adult teeth were impacted so I have to live with crooked, chipped gapped teeth (as I have for many years) I have never had the money to have my smile fixed.  I am a low income family with 3 kids, so a nice smile has always been a pipe dream really. I would really love to be able to smile properly in a photo or with people around just to be able to express my true feelings in a genuine candid smile. Something I have been unable to do since I was a child. Of all the things I could change, I would choose my smile, I would be content with everything else. Just as it is.


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