Help Teresa Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My story begins when I was 2. I was stricken with a kidney disease that kept me in the hospital until I was 3 years old and continued off and on until age 15. I then developed prosais over 70 percent of my body and now I am in remission due to stage 3 lung cancer. All the drugs have left my teeth in bad shape. I love to laugh and smile and would love to have at least a beautiful smile for my remaining time. Ir’s bad enough to have to wear long sleeves every summer and never go swimming. I have already lost my hair and my skin! I do not smile a lot but because I am a happy person i hate it! My smile is awful! I am happy for what I have but have been made fun of because of my teeth. Please hopefully by the grace of God let me smile my last years away. Thank you from my heart and soul:)

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