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Hello my name is Dana I am a 40 year old father of 4 children. I have been living ashamed and embarrassed of my teeth/smile almost my entire life. I have never been in a financial position to fix or even improve them. I am just able to afford to take care of my children to the best of my ability. My abilities have been greatly limitied because of the condition of my teeth/smile. Over the years I have learned how to speak without allowing my teeth to show. I have become accustom to holding my head down and never smiling. I have never been able to even take pictures with my children because I am ashamed to smile.  My children ask me to particiate in schoold field trips and activities and I have never been confident enough to do it. Kids are cruel and I would never want to subject my children to the shame and embarrassment of this condition. They have asked me why my teeth look the way they do and sometimes they even try to sneak a peak when I am not looking. They don’t know how it makes me feel to even have them ask me questions about my teeth.  I always  find  ways to change the subject to avoid answering or even discussing this with them . Due to my appreance I avoid any situtations that place the spotlight on me.  So because of this reason I have not be able to even celebrate my birthday in over 25 years.
I have two dreams that most people wouldn’t consider a dream or even think twice about because they are able to do them everyday without hesitation.   One is to be able to just smile with my children  in a picture once in my life. The second is to be able to  show up to their school activities and hold my head up high with no reservation that someone will want to speak to me.
My teeth/smile has also affected my ability to provide for my family. I studied to become a nurse but the condition of my teeth interfer with my confidence to address patients. The overall look of my apperance has even cost me job assignments. The employers I apply to work for don’t have confidence in my abilities because they link my knowledge and skills to the assumption of a lack of personal hygiene.  I was even released from a job assignment for that reason.  The lack of employment has cost me not only my dignity but my ability to live on my own. I now reside with my sister.  The embarrassment of my teeth/smile and current situation  has led to the diagnosis of clinical depression. I am begging for you to choose me not just for me but most importantly for my children.
Thank you for your consideration in my quest for dignity and  happiness.

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