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Hello my name is Nicola Crawford, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am 39 and miserable with life and as crazy as this may sound I’m miserable because I am so embarrassed of my teeth. I can’t remember a time in my life that I can say I could wear a smile without wondering what people where thinking, honestly I hate to even talk to people especially now since I have a partial that doesn’t fit right, my teeth are badly stained, extremely small, and now I have a huge chip off my front tooth. I have had people just come right out and ask “why don’t you fix your teeth”, “what happen to your tooth, who did you get into a fight with”, the very worst was my children slapping there knee while dancing around singing “YEE HA moms having a knee slapping hill billy good time”! I can’t even drag myself to the corner market because I don’t want anyone to comment on my teeth. Having bad teeth has affected me in so many negative ways we would be here for hours of I told you all the ways so I will spare you the long version and just give you a few examples. I can’t work I get anxiety at the thought of starting a job and having coworkers laugh at me, I missed my sons high school graduation I didn’t want to embarrass him, I haven’t seen any of my family in almost 6 months because I refuse to let my children see there mother look this horrible, I have zero social life I can’t even talk on the phone because my partial doesn’t fit right anymore, and last but defiantly not least my marriage is on the rocks because I refuse to kiss my husband because I don’t want him to feel my snaggletooth. Like I said my teeth have destroyed my life.
I am constantly online looking for a cheap yet doesn’t look cheap way to fix my teeth, WOW there are a ton DIY ways that I can’t believe people actually do and then there is about 6 professional ways that I can’t afford. I can’t count all the times I get off line crying feeling like there is no hope. I saw your ads online but figured Press On Veneers would be the same price as snap on smile. When I saw the ad that Press On Veneers was a portion of the cost of Snap On Smile I decided to take a better look at your site. When I saw the price of your Veneers I again just pushed the back button because I knew that although Press On Veneers was a fraction of the price as SOS it was more then I could afford. One day I decided to search contests or grants for cosmetic dental and again Press On Veneers popped up. I couldn’t wait to write my story and submit it in hopes that I might be one of the few lucky ones who Press On Veneers chooses. I know that your veneers would be the one thing that would change my life. I want to live again and Press On Veneers is the one thing that will help me to do just that.
Thank you again. I am anxiously waiting to hear “I am going to get a new smile”.

Nicola Crawford

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