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Wow, my story.. getting teary eyed already.. I use to have such a beautiful smile while growing up. I guess the fact that my family was severely poor, my mom never took me to a dentist. Matter of fact, I didn’t see a dentist until I was in my twenties. Well about four years ago. I decided that the kids and I would enjoy a picnic in the park. I started wrestling with my three year old in the grass and up pops his head right into my mouth. I started feeling something weird so I rushed to the car and sure enough my front two teeth were gone. I consulted a dentist, but he told me that the teeth probably were going to eventually come out anyway because of bad oral health. He quoted me $13,000 and that was just for the top. I’m thinking I would have to win the lottery to get back to the old me. I use to overhear people speaking about me saying oh yeah she’s pretty but her mouth is messed up and they would laugh. So I eventually just stayed away from crowds. I can’t even look people in the eye because it seems they are looking right at my mouth. I think when I really felt at my lowest is when I went to a job interview and it went great. I was so perfect for the job and the lady asked me what happened to my teeth and I told her and she said I would have to do something about it if I wanted to work there. I just went home and cried like a little baby. I work hard at my job, but I know its my smile stopping me from advancing. I been single so long because I’m so afraid of what men will say. I actually have a habit of smiling, so thank God for my hands because I can cover my mouth. I really pray that you all consider me for a free smile and help me gain my confidence back after so many years. Thank you all for taking the time to read my story.

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