Help April Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

After the birth of my daughters I started to notice how fast my teeth were going down hill. BACKGROUND: growing up my parents weren’t able to provide basic dental care and at age 15 I had my first back tooth removed from the lower back of my mouth, I suffered from many tooth aches growing up, instead of playing games outside I was constantly  praying my toothaches away. So now at age 34 my worst fears have come true, I lost a front tooth, biting into a granola bar and since then I’ve used a temp tooth product  to fill the hole, an I am waiting until the day a miracle happens to allow me to regain my life back. I feel stuck because of my appearance. It holds me back from being the person I need to be for my daughters, ages 3 & 4. I have goals on returning back to nursing school, but I am devasted to go back with a bad smile. I look back at photos and see a beautiful person who was confident but that is no longer the case. I would love a chance to have my smile back to help me gain the skills to pay for the dental services I need.

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