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I spend majority of my spare time writing, not because I like to write, but because its easier to articulate my feelings. After years of thumb sucking, I found it best to just not say much. I was hesitant to send a submission. After searching through picture after picture, I discovered I have never taken one with a “Kool-Aid Smile”. Silly me! Its normal for me to shy away from the camera. My marriage was a mess. My husband only added insult to injury, adding to my low self esteem over the years. After my divorce at 26 years old, and 5 years wasted, I went back to school to work on my Bachelors degree in Accounting. Typical of me, hoping I could once again seclude myself from the world. Since my childhood, I’ve heard people make remarks like, ” she is pretty as long as she keeps her mouth closed”. Maybe they are right, but the effect this had on my self perception was horrid. I chose, once again, a man only willing to add to my already diminished self-esteem. The one time I felt confident enough to walk away from the relationship, my ex pulled out a gun and tried to kill me. That was 07/05/2014, By the grace of GOD I was only shot in the arm. With him being incarcerated, I decided to finish my degree and work on myself. For the past year, I’ve did just that. I graduate Spring 2016.  Even though things are looking up for me, I cant fully be happy for myself. When I look in the mirror I do not smile at my accomplishments, When I interview for jobs, I stutter,  as the nervousness sets in, I try to conceal my smile, or lack their of. I do not know what it feels like to be carefree and confident. I do not know what it feels like to be complemented, without the insulting remarks which follow. Vanity is a sin I was told, so I wish I would be selected only for the experience of not being ashamed to speak. I’m not looking to impress others, or for a perfect smile. I’m sure people will find something else to dislike, but only so that I can stand in the mirror and smile at myself. Self-gratification, self-appreciation, and self-love! Thanks in advance for your time!

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