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Hey! I am a 25 year old mom. I honestly believe my smile holds me back from certain job opportunities. I also know that your smile is what people look at while talking to you. I hate to smile and am so embarrassed by my teeth.  Some people don’t understand how hard it can be to deal with this daily struggle.  When I was 10 years old I was spinning in circles at my grandpa’s and accidentally hit the front end loader of a tractor. It broke one front top tooth in half and knocked  the other tooth out of place.  The hospital popped the tooth back in place but it turned gray. Also bad  teeth run in my family, our enamel is weak. I’ve been prescribed tooth paste and mouth wash. I do take good care of my teeth but they still look terrible. Of course when people see a bad smile, they just assume that you don’t take care of your teeth. I also have what they call a cross bite which means NONE of my teeth meet up, this also means that my food doesn’t get chewed as much as necessary to digest effectively. This bite makes my top front teeth push my gums down where my bottom front teeth are. You can see the roots of my bottom front teeth. They say eventually they will fall out, years from now.  I only have 8 teeth on top and 11 on bottom. I hate that my 6 year old daughter has to see my smile the way it is. I don’t even have any pictures of us together where I am smiling because of how bad  my smile is. I often will put my hand in front of my mouth to try to hide my teeth when talking to others. I really would love to be able to smile!

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