Help Atilio Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I’m a 60 year old male, I’m a tennis instructor in Miami Fl. I’m in good shape but my ever since I was a teenager have weak teeth, I started having dental partials 11 years ago and the lower one broke a year ago, the upper one is missing a tooth. These partials give me neck pain. I visited a dentist in June and gave me an dental work estimated to fix my teeth and to wear flexible partials for $3,300 after insurance. My son offered to help me with the cost but after having a financial emergency he couldn’t. I teach people tennis for a living, I love teaching the sport. What a new set of teeth will do for myself will be incredible, firstable, I will be able to chew food completely, I will be able to interact with my students, friends and family normally, without having to hide my condition, and I will be able to smile which I haven’t in many years, I can’t remember when was last time I smile with my mouth fully open. I can write, video testimonials for the company, I will defenetelly encourage any body who needs the product to get it. This will change my life. I’ve include some pictures and if you need different ones please let me know, i really hope you can help please. Thank you so much. Atilio

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