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Hi its not been easy for me to send you these pictures of my ‘gross’ teeth. I never smile for anyone or pictures. I have no confidence and never have since my teeth have been like this. Ever since they came out as adult teeth. I was bullied in school by boys for the way my teeth looked and questioned by others, why do they even look the way they do so? I have never felt nice enough about myself to crack just a little smile. My teeth mean alot to me because they are the first features another person see’s when they are directly talking to you. My dentist would never touch them until I became an adult and he suggested I used colgate whitening which did not work, so he recommended I get 2 veneers for the front teeth quoting me £1000. I have researched about the press on veneers and came across yourselfs. More affordable to me and I would be so happy if I could get the confidence I deserve as I do not know what it feels like to have any confidence to smile. I fear people judge my teeth soon as they meet me. I am single because I think boys are going to judge and dislike me for my teeth.  Thats my story and it wasnt easy for me at all to post this because I am embarrassed for whoever may recieve this post and see my teeth. Thanks Gemma

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